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Hi to all our fans and readers!

Well if you are a reader of our blog you should be aware we are not posting in regular basis, in fact it’s even worse we have not posted anything since a year on our blog!

What happened? Is the project dead or something?

Those are the questions everyone should wondering when a website is not updated for a while. We are luckily posting new media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Thus we are far from being dead ?

This brings me to the purpose of this blogpost, why is it hard to keep a regular posting behavior as a game developer? Maybe even for other industry I guess.

The short answer would be: We keep our priority on developing our game and communicating on social network.

The long answer now:

  • No one in our team is full time working on Scarce Tactics. In fact we have never done that so far. We work on this game on our free time for almost 3 years now.
  • Indeed our other activities are taking a huge amount of energy and focus, and it’s hard for us to keep this pace for such a long period of time.
  • We are a small team and based in France, not everyone is very proficient in English, well you could tell that reading this post I guess. ?
  • Inspiration is also something we have to work. Showing something on a video, or even picture is easier than writing a post content explaining what we have done, where we are, and so forth… Writing is really and art, and like other arts we need to practice in order to become better at it.
  • We are not really confident in the fact that our posts are read. The reason might be because we are not writing on regular basis…

Those points are not excuses, and we were even looking on blog experts how they manage to write so many good quality content among their other tasks. In fact they don’t! Everyone has a limited amount of work hours per day, and the final equation is: what are doing with the time you have.

We are amazed by the work of some other game studios such as Facepunch Studios who have frequent updates on their blog, and even more a great changelogs that all game studio should follow.

We thought at some point it was the tools that we were using that were not adapted. We have tried to write directly on WordPress interface, but as we were working on our blog post on public transport this was not something confortable. We had lost some changes due to internet connection.
We are now writing everything on Google Keep. Its interface is very well suited for quick notes taking, anywhere and at anytime.
Let’s see if this new tool will help us posting more often.

What are our big next steps, apart of posting in regular basis? We are going to attend the world biggest gaming show: Gamescom! We will mainly pitching our game Scarce Tactics to publishers and investors.
We have a great working prototype to showcase. We have lot expectation for this upcoming event.

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We are working hard on the first playable demo prototype for everyone. But we are not still very happy with its quality and we prefer to delay it until we are confident about it.

We will update soon with other news regarding Scarce Tactics!