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Why is it hard to write regular blog posts?

If you are a reader of our blog you should be aware we are not posting in regular basis, in fact it’s even worse we have not posted anything since a year on our blog!

Production Update: April

Our latest progress

Why we love Unity3D?

At Pixelgate Studios we’ve tried lot of different Game Engines and frameworks that we used professionally: Construct2, Game Maker 1.x, Starling (with Flash), and Unity3D. Some of them just for testing: Unreal Engine, Godot, Phaser, Cocos2D. Just to mention few of them.

How to Hack your video game production planning?

On this month update we have made good progress about choosing a better project management tool than Trello

Starting our adventure

The project Scarce Tactics started some years ago. It took a while to gather the right team to achieve a viable project…