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We have been busy lately on social media as some of you have noticed. We have started again to post on #screenshotsaturday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.

We are really excited to see all the feedbacks from the community and lot of people contacting us to work on the game. We are very small team and that’s one of the main reason why we can work very fast. Thus for now we are declining all the offer, but things may change in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us we are reading and replying to all the messages.


For this month blogpost it’s a production update about the project Scarce Tactics. Where we are and what are the next steps on the projet?

  • Design
    • We are still discussing about the number of classes the game will contain. We like more quality than quantity, thus we are considering all the options to select the final roster
    • Each character will have several stats that evolve over their level progression. At first we took too many numbers and stats, and some of them were not very meaningful. We are clearing them and simplifying all those number.


  • Art
    • As you have noticed though our recent #screenshotsaturday posts we have already the Archer and Warrior classes done, with basic animations. We still need more animation for both classes, but we need more advanced gameplay design achieved before doing them.
    • We are currently (re)working one of our level scene, as it was a bit outdated. More info soon!
    • The world map design is still on going, we are still investigating about the style and art direction to take for the map


  • Programming
    • We are now official Nintendo Switch developer, and we have started to focus our programming tasks mainly for this console.
    • We are polishing our 3C (Character, Camera, Controller) as much as we can. Even if it’s time consuming it’s very critical for the quality of our end product.


  • Story
    • The main story plot is done, and the storywriter is helping with the map design: how the world will be shaped, and where the encounters will happen


  • Music
    • We have the game main theme and the battle theme already done. More information about that soon!


That’s a lot of progress for our team and the project. We will have in May a very intense month and we hope to update you with even great news for our next Production Update!