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The project Scarce Tactics started some years ago. It took a while to gather the right team to achieve a viable project. We have the best team to handle all the hard work required to complete the game we all love, as we are also big fans of Tactical games.

We are a small indie game studio based in France near the beautiful city of Lyon.
As we are a small team we have to be very flexible on our jobs. For example, all the art is done by few artists from concepts to 3D models, texturing, rigging, and even animation. We plan of course to iterate over in order to polish all this hard work, and even to have more workforce to help us succeed with all these tasks.

The following picture are the first concepts he has done about the game monsters for the desert scene.

We planned to release 2 levels for the game demo that we want to achieve during 2018: A desert level, and a castle one.

What we have done so far is to produce lot of game assets: concepts of monsters, environments, playable classes.

We have also worked on the game design document to complete all the big missing parts. We worked closely with the scriptwriter to setup the world and the storyline.

There are still plenty of work to do! What we have planned for the upcoming weeks:

  • Put in place a better project management tools (instead of Trello).
  • Better definition of the product’s scope for this year
  • Starting to implement all the game assets done by the artist into Unity
  • Starting the level design of the desert level
  • Concept art of the environment
  • Working on our social media channel to keeping you updated on our progress